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"Dear Diary, today I drank rat blood and Lestat was a prig."


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i’m going to reiterate what i said yesterday. being a man or identifying with masculinity does not make you inherently bad. it means that you will be afforded structural benefits the rest of us lack. it means that others will present you with countless opportunities to engage in misogyny. it means some of us will never trust you or be comfortable around you because of past experiences with other men, regardless of whether you think that’s fair or not. it means you need to listen to us when we speak of the ways you hurt us, and understand when you speak to us that society is far, far more receptive to your voice.

it does not make you inherently evil, it means society indulges you with the capacity to be evil and get away with it because it is evil done in socially-sanctioned methods by the patriarchy.

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Some DIY things to work on this weekend. I may re-do the lettering on my “tot Herzig” patchwork.

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please tag your sfw I’m trying to see a tittie

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Not tense. Just terribly terribly alert.

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#polyamory #non-monogamy #radical-queer


#polyamory #non-monogamy #radical-queer

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Ever notice how lesbians are constantly accused of being man-haters/misandrists simply because of their orientation, but people leap out of their chairs to defend gay men from accusations of misogyny when they are actually, actively being misogynistic?

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Off to go see Alien Sex Fiend.


Off to go see Alien Sex Fiend.

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